Saturday, May 31, 2008


In conjunction with the TWD selection of Sticky Honey Buns, I had all the best intentions of making Raisin Snails with the remaining brioche dough. I even made a vanilla pastry cream the day before as I was proofing the dough. I thought to myself --- for once , I wasn’t running around like a lunatic trying to pull a recipe together at the last minute (I know you can relate to this!). Being planned and organized isn’t in my DNA, so of course I shelved the snail recipe at the last minute. So, what should I do with the delicious pastry cream that is sitting in the frig…ECLAIRS!

Eclairs are such a special treat, and they are surprisingly easy to make. The trick is getting down the technique for choux paste. The dough is unique as you cook it twice: on the stove then in the oven.

This dough never fails to amaze me, as a pretty simple dough balloons into a beautiful puff pastry. This dough can also be savory, with the addition of cheese and herbs, to make delicious gougeres.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful eclairs!

mimi said...

oh. my. goodness!! i loooove eclairs and yours looks ab fab delish!

steph- whisk/spoon said...

oh, what a good idea! eclairs are my hubby favorite, and i love them, too!

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